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Online First Aid Participant Feedback Form

1. Course taken
2. Is this your first Red Cross First Aid course? Please choose the answer which best fits your response. 
6. Province
8. How satisfied were you with the provider from whom you took your course on the following criteria? 
Space Cell Not satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Information provided and ease of registration
Training facilities and equipment
9. How do you rate your overall satisfaction with this course?
Not satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
10. How prepared do you feel to use the knowledge and skills acquired through this course? 
Not preparedSomewhat preparedPreparedVery prepared
11. How satisfied were you with the following materials used in your course?
Space Cell Not satisfiedSomewhat satisfiedSatisfiedVery satisfied
Red Cross manual
Instructional Power Point
Red Cross video clips/demos
Hands-on training with manikins and AED equipment
12. Why did you choose to take a Red Cross First Aid Course? Please choose the item that best fits your answer. 
13. How did you find out about this course?
14. How easy was it to find information about the Red Cross course you attended (Provider/location/date)? 
Very difficultSomewhat difficultEasyVery easy
15. Which was your key reason for taking this course? Please choose one as appropriate. 
17. Please check off if we can use your comments in future marketing materials (anonymously)?